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These handle assemblies fit different applications. Please contact us to see if we have a model to fit your application.  

As time progresses, mechanical and cosmetic improvements are incorporated into our current designs and become standard. Most changes will be minor, but some cosmetic designs are very noticeable.

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Upper bezel

This is a zinc die cast part that is chrome plated.  It is made from the same material as the original parts. The bezel fits at the top of the shifter above the plastic handles. Do not install shift pattern until the bezel has been installed. It is best to use safety glasses and follow all recommended safety procedures for the tools you are using. You may also need to grow a 3rd hand to complete some of these procedures.To remove old bezel, you must first remove the shift pattern. There is no safe way to remove this without breaking or damaging other parts. Place tape around top of shifter so you do not mar it. Place lightly in vise and place a punch in the center of shift pattern and tap till it breaks. Pick out the pieces. Place the punch in the center of the nib and tap with hammer till the shifter slides out of the bezel. Notice a distortion to the nib of the shifter. Flatten this area before installing a bezel.  To reinstall, place tape around top of shifter. Insert a 3/8" x 4" bolt thru top hole of shifter. Lower into vise and tighten. Place bezel over nib of shifter, place wood on top of bezel and tap with hammer to seat bezel. When bezel is seated, place punch on left side of nib and proceed to peen metal over bezel. Repeat on the right side of nib. Check to see if bezel is secure. Fit grips on handle to check level of bezel. If any space between grips and upper bezel, you need to adjust bezel.