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These handle assemblies fit different applications. Please contact us to see if we have a model to fit your application.  

As time progresses, mechanical and cosmetic improvements are incorporated into our current designs and become standard. Most changes will be minor, but some cosmetic designs are very noticeable.

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Shift Pattern Insert

These reproduction shift patterns are made in a variety of styles.  Each fits inside a recess in the upper bezel and must be installed after the upper bezel is installed. In 1970 the parts were installed with a black 2 sided tape. The present shift patterns are silk screened and are available in several designs. It is almost impossible to remove the old shift pattern without breaking.To remove, you can drill a hole in the shift pattern, or place a punch in the center of the lens and lightly tap. After the old pattern is removed, place a match head size dab of silicone (DO NOT USE EPOXY) in the upper bezel at the 6 and 12 position. Insert and press in the new pattern. 


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