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These handle assemblies fit different applications. Please contact us to see if we have a model to fit your application.  

As time progresses, mechanical and cosmetic improvements are incorporated into our current designs and become standard. Most changes will be minor, but some cosmetic designs are very noticeable

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Lower Bezel

This is a chrome plated zinc die cast part with a stainless steel roll pin for installation. The bezel is made from the same material as the original parts. Its function is to make a smooth transition from the plastic grips to the shifter. To remove, you first must remove the grips. The bezel is held in place with a roll pin. To remove, the ear must be supported (area hidden by grips) with a block of wood. Place an 1/8" punch, on the roll pin and tap.  A little WD-40 helps. You must push the roll pin all the way thru the shifter (5/16") and 1 of the ears on the bezel.  To install, support the ear with a block of wood, hold roll pin with needle nose pliers, and gently tap roll pin till it is even with the ear.