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70 Gunslinger Handle

Include with shifter handle is the original 4 speed style, pattern. brown plastic grips and automatic shift

General Info
The correct shifter handle for the 1970 e-bodies is a round, 2 inch long, chrome plated shaft. At the top of the shifter is a brown ball with a moveable black button. When the button is pressed, it will unlock the shifter and allow you to shift gears. If you place the shifter into 1st gear, and slap it forward, it will slide into 2nd and stop. When your hand pressure is released, you can slap it again into drive. This is a slapstick shifter. Our Gunslinger shifter handle is a direct bolt on for this application.
In late 1974 and 1975 Chrysler installed a longer version of this shifter in some cars. It is very easy to see the difference. The round chrome plated shaft is 4" long and uses the same brown ball with a black button. Our Gunslinger shifter handle is a direct bolt on for this application.
Operation of the shifter is simple. Instead of the button, you have a trigger. To change gears, lift up on the trigger like you did with the button and move the shifter to the desired gear and release. If you drop the selector into 1st gear, and you want to shift into second, simply slap the shifter into 2nd, release your hand pressure and it will lock. Then slap it again into 3rd. To shift out of 3rd, you must lift up on the trigger, same as you did with the button. Installation time is 2 minutes or less. There is no cutting or modifying your car. It is a simple bolt on installation. The GUNSLINGER HANDLE operates the same as your factory handle, except you now have a cool looking handle.
Installation takes 2 minutes or less. The ball is held on by the button and a set screw under the ball. To remove ball, loosen set screw, and unscrew the ball and button at the same time until the button pops up. Remove and save in a plastic bag the button, spring and ball. You will see a 1/8" threaded rod at the top of the chrome shaft. If this rod is bent, get a pair of pliers and make it straight. Slide Gunslinger Shifter Handle over factory shaft, align with front of car and tighten set screw. Install complete. You are ready to Rock and Roll with your new Gunslinger Handle. Enjoy and have fun.