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These handle assemblies fit different applications. Please contact us to see if we have a model to fit your application.

As time progresses, mechanical and cosmetic improvements are incorporated into our current designs and become standard. Most changes will be minor, but some cosmetic designs are very noticeable.

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Shifter with solid mount bushings $225 plus $14.50 shipping. 

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        SRT 10 6-speed

Shifter comes with Carbon Fiber Composite Grips, a 6 speed indicator, and 2 solid mount bushings with bolts. When speed shifting the Viper truck, some have experienced missed 3rd and 5 gear shifts. This is due to the rubber isolator squishing. This causes the shifter not to enter the narrow gate and produces a missed gear. The rubber isolator is needed to stop the noise and vibrations from entering the inside of the truck. Every truck is different with some trucks experiences almost no noise or vibrations and others with so much it needs to go back to the dealer for adjustments.   Our solid mount bushings will allow you to speed shift and not miss the gears like you do with the factory rubber isolator. I am not saying, it will eliminate all the missed shifts, but it will eliminate those caused by the rubber squishing. It is still possible to have a missed shift. The solid mount bushings will also allow more noise and vibrations to enter the truck. As i said that it will vary from truck to truck, so it is best to try them and see how it effects your comfort. You can always go back to the rubber bushing if it is too noisy.