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These handle assemblies fit different applications. Please contact us to see if we have a model to fit your application.

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 Shifter w/adaptor   $250.00

Shipping $15.50

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Dodge Dakota 5-6 speed manual 

The shifter is preassembled with Carbon Fiber Composite grips, a 5 or 6 speed shift indicator and our NEW AND IMPROVED ADAPTOR. This new adaptor system contains a rubber isolator to stop noise and vibrations from the transmission. Depending how you position the seat plus your height, you may want to opt for either the long or short shifter.  Installation is an easy 5 step process that may take from 15 minutes to over an hour. 

Installation Instructions
#1. Lift up the removable boot and unscrew the round factory shifter.  Some boots do not lift up, so the consoles may need to be removed.   It will be necessary to pry the shift indicator out to loosen the hidden nut holding the ball grip to the handle. After ball grip is removed, slide boot off shifter.  
#2 Screw on the rubber isolator stem to the transmission finger and tighten.  
#3 Slide the black adaptor over the rubber isolator until it stops, slide shifter thru boot, attach shifter to the adaptor and tighten shifter bolts.
#4 Position the shifter and tighten the 2 set screws on the back of the adaptor.
#5 Reassemble boot/console
You are ready to Rock and Roll with your new Gunslinger Handle. Enjoy and have fun.