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As time progresses, mechanical and cosmetic improvements are incorporated into our current designs and become standard. Most changes will be minor, but some cosmetic designs are very noticeable.  

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68 Charger Vinyl Trim Separator
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Vinyl Trim Separator

Our Vinyl Trim separators have several improvements that you cannot see, but they are an advantage when installed on your car. Even with new parts, there is a tendency to over tighten. The outside dimensions of our parts are the same as the original parts, but they are aprox 12% thicker on the inside.  Unlike our competition that make the same parts, the 3 studs are in the correct position to match the holes in the vehicle, plus the studs have gussets at their base for added strength. This makes our parts stronger and less likely to break during installation. When we first made our Vinyl Trim Separators, we encountered several problems. After investigating, we discovered some of the modern gaskets used in the back window were slightly thicker than the original gaskets. This caused a misalignment in the rear window area. It is  most noticeable in the corners where the Vinyl Trim Separators fit. Although our original Vinyl Trim Separators were the same length as the original parts and correct, we made a change to the tooling and made all parts after that 1/8" shorter. This was to compensate for the thickness of the back window gasket. Our Vinyl Trim separators will fit vehicles with the correct gasket as well as the ones that have the incorrect gasket.  The small gap is not noticeable and looks like a factory fit.  Our parts are easy to identify as our name is embossed on the inside

Vinyl Trim Separator Photo